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Metin2 Yang Hack Download

Metin2 Yang Hack Download

Who said there is no real yang hack? Well here is one hack that we found which works! This hack is actually a VIP hack and is not free given to everyone, the hack is also sold on many sites for real moneybut we have got this and now you can too. Download link on homepage. Imagine what you can do with unlimited yangs on any metin2 server?  Yes its possible to yang hack and if you are wondering how it works then read below. We have 2 versions of this file, one in English & other in non-English. Both are provided & both of them work perfectly. The best thing is it is so easy to use this metin2 hack!

  • Works only on client side but tricks the server by sending package data from client which means you are able to buy anything or give these yangs to anyone, but once you do that the yang disappears from there account because it doesn’t exist!
  • Add upto 500k yang in a single go. Can add once every 10 second!
  • Works even if the server has ‘Hack Shield‘, because the hack runs in background & has nothing to do with the client directly.
  • This is not a cheat engine hack or multihack, its real.
  • works well with other hacks running, but might make it slow.
  • Easy to launch, install & use, few buttons clicked and you have your hacks!
  • this is current and latest version of metin2 yang hack, with 2 files, will update when new version comes.
  • You cant get banned if someone reports you for scamming, because staff get no logs since the yang hack runs on client side & data is not recoded on server side!
  • Yangs goes back to normal on your account once you relog, so use them when you have them, no chance of  getting caught!
  • Also works on all metin2 servers not just gameforge, but instead of yang you get metin2 gold
Download link is below along with instructions on how to make it work. The files are also scanned previously and the scan result for metin2 yang hack are also given below!
If you have questions then post here at FAQ or as comment below.

Instructions on how to use metin2 yang hack:

metin2 yang hack german
  1. Download metin2 yang hack from link below. Install Metin2 & register an account. Extract the hack in the Metin2 folder only!
  2. Run your metin2 client, use window mode so you can easily switch between the hack and the game.
  3. Open the metin2 yang hack file, install it.
  4. Launch the Metin2 yang hack.
  5. For non English version, select server, select amount, click go, next page enter account username and click send. For English version select yang hack, type amount you want in command line [below 1mill] and click start, this will hack the client and add the amount of yang on your account. Metin2 yang hack will only work if you are logged in your account and using the metin2 client!

Download Metin2 Yang Hack:

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