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Metin2 +9 Item Hack Download

Metin2 +9 Item Hack Download

This item hack created for metin2 clients with new hack prevention wall by banjo. This hack is easy to use and will make your items +9 from both server side and client side. Only problem is if you use this metin2 hack in front of others you can get caught. 
  • Works both server side and client side
  • If item is removed from inventory or unequipped it will stay same upgrade lvl
  • You can make lots of +9 items and sell and make lots of yangs/gold [this is how most rich players make yang/gold in metin2]
  • The only thing wrong with this hack is that it will only make your items appear +9 including the stats! But when you use them, it will have same effect as its original upgrade level. So best thing to do is make +9 items and sell.
  • works well with other hacks
  • auto install and easy to use.
  • this is current and latest version of metin2 +9 hack, v3.2 will update when new version come
Download link is below along with instructions on how to make it work. The files are also scanned previously and the scan result for metin2 +9 item hack are also given below!
If you have questions then post here at FAQ or as comment below.

Instructions on how to use metin2 +9 item hack:

  1. Download metin2 +9 item hack from link below. Install Metin2/register an account. Extract the hack in the Metin2 folder.
  2. Run your metin2 client, use window mode so you can easily switch between the hack and the game.
  3. Open the metin2 +9 item hack file, install it.
  4. Go to metin2 game, remove all items. Only put the item which you want to make +9
  5. Remember it don’t work on all item at one time, so use only 1 item at a time
  6. Then go to the metin2 +9 item hack screen and select your item type from the drop down menu. Ex- if you want to +9 a lion slayer then click weapons –> warriors–> lion slayer
  7. After that the hack will scan the code on your client and look for the item your using on your character. Once the code appears, click the “Make it +9″ button.
  8. This will change the code and the item will be +9!
Below is list of all metin2 server the metin2 speed hack works on and tested by metin2 community.

Download Metin2 +9 Item Hack:

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